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When you bring your pet to High Point Veterinary Hospital, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a staff that is capable and compassionate. Our doctors emphasize preventive care and client education and we'll reserve up to 20 minutes for your appointment. This is far more time than offered by conventional hospitals. You will never feel rushed and you will always have time to ask all of your questions and address all your pet's needs. We treat your pet like part of our family.


We offer a state of the art veterinary hospital equipped with the latest in diagnostic and treatment options for all types of pets. We routinely have consultations with top specialists around the world so your pet has world class care that few human patients receive. We perform on site radiography, and advanced lab testing. We're very proud to offer the most advanced anesthetic safety and pain reducing protocols, ensuring the safest and most pain free procedures available for your pets.

Veterinarians -      Michael E. Sink, DVM
                               Diego Munoz, DVM
                               Audra Cinalli, DVM
                               Maria Puschinsky, DVM


Office Manager -    Donna McComas Coe



Receptionists -      Betsy Sink
Nicole Murcia
                                Tammy Miller 
                                Shauna Browning

                                Lindsay Blankenship

                                Hannah Swicegood


Doctor Assistants-Becky Metters
                                Bridget Saintsing

                                Brenna Navey
                                Kristie Russell
                                Ashley Stephens
                                Karlotta Brace
                                Kori  Addair

Groomers -             Kim  McCoy

                                Judy Lloyd


Assistants -            Phyllis Haynes


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